FSR is Committed to Serving Our Nation's Heroes

FSR has been supporting military service members nationwide since 2004 and believes no veteran should be have to fight for a job. Inspired by the White House Veteran hiring initiatives, FSR has designed a program for veterans and hiring managers to address the spectrum of career goals, skills, experiences, and challenges connected with Military Services — We call it the Working Warrior Program℠.

The Working Warrior Program℠ matches a veteran’s specific skill set, experiences, and cultural preferences with organizations that have veteran hiring initiatives. We recognize that there are various levels of veteran experience with unique perspectives from each military branch so this in-depth understanding allows FSR to prepare veterans to succeed and experience their long-term career success.

Veteran Hiring
  • 10% of our placement fee will be donated to a veterans' organization of your choice for each veteran of the United States Military we place through Direct Hire agreements.
  • We have established a large database of veteran candidates through business with government agencies and relationships with non-profit organizations.
  • We work with veteran organizations to provide the support and connection veterans need for sustained success in the workplace.

Contact us today to see how we can work together to meet your veteran hiring initiative needs.