Training is Key to Staff Retention. How Do I Know if I am Giving Them the Right Training?

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Training is Key to Staff Retention. How Do I Know if I am Giving Them the Right Training?

Birkman Advanced Training

“Your ability to find, develop and retain the best people is the single greatest factor in determining your success.” John Maxwell, businessman and author

After hiring new staff and training them, many companies find disappointing results. Often the results improve when consultants assist who are specialized in integrating staff members into teams. Our company, FSR, brings in the Birkman Advanced Training System to get results by helping the teams in the company function and communicate better.

The Birkman program helps managers to learn how they are wired and thus be better able to relate to their teams to the benefit of all and to the bottom line. Managers will learn such things as:

Mastering group dynamics
Learning how to communicate persuasively
Understanding how to communicate as a leader and why that is important

One real-world application of the advanced Birkman methods occurred in an Ohio county where a health and human services organization was working with thousands of children each year. Company policy required placements based on seniority. A division manager recognized the friction developing between supervisors and the rest of the team. A consultant brought in the Birkman program and used it to analyze the conflict and propose practical solutions.

The program used a customized workshop and individual counseling for each employee to identify problem areas. Armed with this information, management and the employees could propose solutions. Because of the training, three supervisors recognized they were not a good fit for management responsibilities and moved away from those roles. The result was that the division was more productive, and the company policy was still followed.

Birkman advanced training has produced similar results in many businesses and organizations across America. The results and processes have been analyzed, studied and perfected to provide helpful data. Birkman information has been used for over 60 years by some 8,000 organizations and more than three million participants.

Information like this that has been tested and retested can provide valuable insights to both organizations and individuals. “Your perceptions influence everything you do,” said Roger Birkman Ph.D, who founded the Birkman Method in 1951. “When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.”

For more information on how you can bring the Birkman methods into your workplace, contact FSR today.