Human Performance

FSR is committed to developing a more resilient and deployment ready military through our Human Performance Optimization solutions. For nearly a decade, we have worked with Special Operations, Marine Corps, Air Force, and the Army to build both Mental and Physical resiliency programs.

FSR uses data driven plans to exceed mission goals. Our vast network of highly qualified Human Performance professionals focuses on prehabilitation to help reduce instances of injury and rehabilitation to shorten injury recovery and accelerate the return to duty.

Educating service members on performance and strength training, nutrition, hydration, and physical therapy make military personnel an engaged team member in their performance building. FSR’s training leaves our military members with tools they can rely on in the field as well as at their installation.

In addition to physical capabilities, mental resiliency is also a critical factor in how our military members go to work. FSR’s mental health professionals are experienced in military mental and emotional techniques. Our professionals provide the resources and tools needed to increase resiliency by providing state of the art professional healthcare and skills building psycho-educational programs, intensive case management, and other activities to support the military and their families.


Human Performance Services

  • Data Analysis
  • Athletic Training
  • Strength Coaching
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sports Diet Counseling
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Nursing Case Management
  • Program Management
  • Human Performance Positions
<p>Human Performance Services</p>

Human Performance Optimization Experience

Technology and science are paving the way for further moderation and optimization of force readiness. Embracing new methodologies and thinking creates new opportunities to further the military’s superiority.

Human performance solutions through holistic programs bring cognitive awareness, integrated family wellness, nutritional strategies, and whole body fitness measured through data science. This and other cutting-edge technology will ensure the force superiority well into the future.

<p>Human Performance Optimization Experience</p>

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