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Mobile Units Combat COVID-19 Pandemic
 FSR delivers innovative and often complex staffing solutions to assist improving patient outcomes in the federal government’s extensive health system. We applaud the efforts of the Veterans Affairs in their agility and innovative solutions with the healthcare needs of Veterans. One of the difficulties in treating patients during the unprecedent COVID-19 pandemic has been […]
Athletic Trainers to Assist Marines for Human Performance Optimization
Marines have the image of tough, gritty warriors. But they must also be seen as athletes whose performance in the field is an integral part of their assignments. Like athletes competing on the professional and collegiate level sports, Marines need quality Athletic Trainers (ATs) to help with rehabilitating injuries, overcome stress related fractures that may […]
Flyover Catches the Attention of Baltimore, Washington, DC
Few events inspire the awe and wonder like the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds splitting the sky overhead in tight formation. On May 2, 2020 pilots flew these high-performance jets over Washington D.C. and Baltimore as a means of honoring COVID-19 first responders and healthcare workers. This area is home to Federal Staffing Resources dba FSR […]
FSR Provides Medical Personnel to Battle Coronavirus in NYC
Some people would call Darla Grese’s actions heroic, others would call her actions brave.  Grese left the comparative safety of Norfolk (VA) General Hospital with few COVID-19 cases, to travel to New York City, the hotspot for the COVID outbreak. Grese has been a Respiratory Therapist for 17 years. Prior to that she was a […]
FSR attends Defense Health Agency Conference
FSR (Federal Staffing Resources) was thrilled to participate in the Defense Health Agency’s two-day San Antonio conference to collaborate on the optimization of the Healthcare Staffing Services Program. It is a 5-year MSQ contract with 36 participating contractors and valued at $7.5 billion dollars in healthcare staffing services. Services are provided at Air Force, Navy,
Is There a Better Way to Train Them?
“You will either invest in your team to learn and they might leave with your free education, or you don’t invest in them to learn and they will remain dumb and stay.” John Maxwell, businessman and educator Many companies have hired people to take advantage of business opportunities, but have discovered the new hires did

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