Program Management

FSR’s experienced Program Managers offer detailed management of all contract resources. From professional recruiting and dynamic operations processes, to in-depth reporting and contract management, FSR offers scrupulous management of all contract personnel to meet contract requirements and exceed expectations.

With over 16 years’ experience supporting defense health and managing healthcare administrative contracts, FSR excels in Government contract management, as well as clinical and administrative health care operations.

FSR’s leadership and corporate teams place a high focus on supporting employee’s needs. We celebrate staff accomplishments, challenge individuals to raise the standard and offer opportunities to lead and establish new processes that will improve the business and ultimately improve productiveness and business flow. All these efforts have made FSR a successful and award-winning federal contractor.


Track Record

  1. FSR solutions improved office workflow and eliminated of a 7 yearlong paperwork backlog for one of our military clients.

  2. Our dedicated employees have won staff efficiency awards from our contractors. FSR staff was recognized for significantly enhancing patient safety and expediting care through our solutions and implementations.

  3. “Exemplary,” “Proactive,” “Excellent Role Model,” “Vigilant,” and “Great Team work”

  4. We exceeded contract goals for closure rates, despite having a reduced staff during COVID quarantines.

  5. Our team created award winning departments which were previously a chronic source of client and patient complaints.

<p>Track Record</p>

How We Do it

  • Analysis existing processes to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and enhance outcomes.
  • Improve, implement, and leverage technology for process improvement
  • Implement effective record keeping methodologies for transparency and workflow improvement
  • Evaluate and prioritize risks to control optimize outcomes
  • Utilizing proven communication methods to enhance transparency with staff and clients
  • Deploy detailed communication plans to all stakeholders
  • Quality performance monitoring to track patient outcomes
<p>How We Do it</p>

The FSR Difference is Clear!